Academic Board

The Academic Board will take full responsibility to look into the academic quality and rigor of the City Metropolitan College. The Board also ensures that the content and duration of the modules or subjects, as well as the entry and graduation requirements of the course are appropriate; that deployment of teachers is based on the requirements stipulated by City Metropolitan College; and that City Metropolitan College implements and complies with the policies and procedures developed.

Mr. Tan Chin Leng (Chairperson)

Masters of Business Administration, Central Queensland University, Australia

Bachelor of Business (Transport and Logistics Management) Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, Australia

Dr. Wong Wai Nam, PBM (Member)

Doctor of Philosophy, University, University of Bradford, UK.

Master of Engineering, Asian Institute of Technology,Thailand

Bachelor of Science, National Taiwan University, Taiwan

Mr. Kassey Kalleichelven (Member)

Dual Master of Business Administration, European University, Switzerland

Bachelor of Science in Business Studies, Loughborough University, UK