Appeal Procedure


1. Final Result Appeals

1.1 Students who wish to appeal against their final results shall complete the Result Appeal Form along with the payment of S$160.50 to the City Metropolitan College Life Department within 7 days from the date of releasing the final results. The letter of appeal must state detailed reasons for the appeal. Academic Director will raise the appeal to the EB. Student will not be allowed to view his/ her examination scripts.

1.2 Students are to be advised earlier that any appeal may result in higher, lower or no change in the grade.

1.3 The Examination Board shall decide as to the merit of the appeal. Once appeal agreed, Academic Director will then assign the paper to be remarked or reviewed by another marker.

1.4 The re-marked results will be assessed and approved by the Examinations Board. The Examinations Board will notify the Academic Director of the appeal results for release to the student.

1.5 The appeal results will be released within 4 weeks for self-developed courses and 8 weeks for collaborated courses.