Selection & Admission

Objectives of Determining Eligibility

The underlying objectives in determining eligibility are:

  • To impose minimum requirements in order to maintain the College’s educational standards

  • To provide a clear indication to prospective students of what studies they must undertake and what results they must achieve if they are to be considered for admission to City Metropolitan College

  • To ensure that the students selected into a course are those with the best prospects of successful completion

  • To ensure fair, open and consistent practices for admission and selection, taking into account the College’s access and equity objectives.

Minimum Entry Requirements

Minimum entry requirements for admission courses of the College shall be determined by the Academic Board. The minimum will comprise of:

  • a prescribed minimum age

  • a prescribed minimum English competency

  • a prescribed minimum academic qualifications or results

Stages & Processes

Course Application:

· Pre-course counselling is conducted to students prior to course application and acknowledgement from the student is required to ensure that the pre-course counselling session conducted was complete and proper. Download Pre-Course Counselling checklist here.

· Applicant applies for a place in a course;

· SIGN UP NOW: Complete the Course Application Form and submit with the necessary documents listed below; either by mail or in person to the Students Support Services office at City Metropolitan College:

  • Copy of Applicant’s Passport

  • Three (3) passport-sized coloured photographs with white background

  • Copy of Applicant’s Birth Certificate

  • Latest notarised set of education certificates and transcripts in its originnal language and another set translated into English.

  • Updated resume if Applicant has working experience for more than one (1) year

  • Application fee of $267.50 for International Students; or $235.40 for Singaporeans/PR (prices are inclusive of 7% GST)

Applicant is assessed for selection & admission based on meeting the minimum requirements comprising:

  • Age Requirement;

  • Academic Qualifications;

  • English Competency;

  • Other Competency, if required.

City Metropolitan College shall performs the ‘Selection’ exercise, selecting applicants for admission based on:

  • Meeting the course’s minimum entry requirements

  • Relative merit and other factors such as course quota and/or availability of space and teaching facilities

  • City Metropolitan College shall make a ‘Formal’ offer to selected applicant in the form of ‘Letter of Offer’. A student ‘Additional Undertaking Form’ will be sent together to applicant who are under 18 years old.

  • Applicant sign both the ‘Letter of Offer’ and student ‘Additional Undertaking Form’, and return to City Metropolitan College.

  • City Metropolitan College will then send the Advisory Note (Form 12) and Standard PEI-Student Contract to the selected applicant.

  • City Metropolitan College shall assist applicant in the application of Student’s Pass. Applicant will be informed of the Student’s Pass application outcome within 2 working days upon ICA’s approval.

Student’s Pass Application:

· New applications must be submitted at least 2 months before the course commencement date. Applicant is not required to be in Singapore while applications are being processed by ICA. No extension of stay will be considered while the applications are being processed.

· Applicant formally accepts offer and submits the following:

  • Completed and signed Form 12 (Advisory Note to Students)

  • Completed and signed copy of the Standard-PEI Student Contract

  • Any other required document by City Metropolitan College

· Applicant make necessary payment to City Metropolitan College
  • Payment could be made in the form of cheques or bank drafts, crossed and made mayable to ‘City Metropolitan College Pte Ltd‘

  • Write applicant’s name, passport number or student’s pass number, and programme title indicated on the back of the cheque.

· All students are required to buy an insurance coverage under the EduTrust Fee Protection Scheme (FPS)

· All students are required to purchase medical insurance coverage under the EduTrust Certification Scheme.