Standard PEI-Student Contract

  • The Standard PEI-Student Contract is considered as a legal document between City Metropolitan College and the student. Each student contract will bear a unique contract number.

  • City Metropolitan College will explain the contents of the student contract in English or in the students’ native language, if needed.

  • Sample of the Standard PEI-Student Contract used by City Metropolitan College is available on the website.

  • Each contract is valid for admission to one course only.

  • Students are required to sign 2 (two) original sets of the Standard PEI-Student Contract. A copy will be kept by the student for personal reference and the other to be submitted to City Metropolitan College.

  • Any amendment made which constituted to a change in the original intent, both the students and City Metropolitan College representative must sign beside the amendment(s) on both set of the Standard PEI-Student Contracts.

  • No field shall be left blank in the Standard PEI-Student Contract. Where it is non-applicable, it will be filled with ‘N.A.’.

  • City Metropolitan College will provide the student with a Cooling-off Period of 7 (Seven) working days after the date that the Contract has been signed by both parties. In an event where the student submitted a written notice of withdrawal to City Metropolitan College within the Cooling-off Period, regardless of whether the student has started the course or not, City Metropolitan College shall refund the student the highest percentage (stated in the Refund Table) of the fees already paid.